Vlog Music

If you’re a youtuber and looking for some free music to use in your videos then look no further 🎉 As a fellow creator I have you covered 🎶

You may use these tracks in your videos provided a few things:

-You credit me with artist and track name and provide an active link back to this page (my website right here where you got the music, not another site that may be hosting my music) in your video description

-your videos don’t have graphic displays of violence or promote disrespectful behavior toward others.

This usage agreement extends to fellow youtubers only. If you’d like to get a license for this music for commercial purposes, please contact me here to discuss a licensing option for you.
For instant licenses, check out my many existing Stock Music Tracks available for license and use right away.


[Since this is a brand new page on my site (dec 2018), please check back regularly as I will populate it with more music as time goes on]